USSR, 1947, 57mn 
Colour, animation
The Humpbacked Horse
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Конек - Горбунок


 Le Petit cheval bossu

 Konyok - gorbunok

Directed by : Ivan IVANOV-VANO (Иван ИВАНОВ-ВАНО)
Writing credits : Yevgeni POMESHCHIKOV (Евгений ПОМЕЩИКОВ), Nikolay ROZHKOV (Николай РОЖКОВ)
Based on the poem by Pyotr Pavlovich Yershov
Cinematography : Georgi REISGOF (Георгий РЕЙСГОФ), Nikolay VOINOV (Николай ВОЙНОВ)
Production design : Lev MILCHIN (Лев МИЛЬЧИН)
Music : Viktor ORANSKY (Виктор ОРАНСКИЙ)
Production : Soyuzmultfilm

Awards :
Special Jury Prize, Festival de Cannes, 1950

Plot synopsis
The Humpbacked Horse is based on the poem by Pyotr Pavlovich Yershov, and because of this everyone in the film speaks in rhymes. A remake was made in 1975 by the same director and studio. An old man has three sons - the elder two are considered fairly smart, while the youngest, Ivan, is considered an idiot. One day Ivan sees a magnificent horse come flying out of the sky. Ivan grabs its mane and holds on as the horse tries to shake him off. Finally, the horse begs him to let her go and in return gives him two beautiful black horses and a little humpbacked horse (Konyok-gorbunok) to be his companion.
Ivan leads the two black horses to a stable and runs off with Konyok-gorbunok to fetch them buckets of water. When he comes back, he finds that his brothers have taken his horses. Konyok-gorbunok tells him that they will catch them in the city. They reach the city, and Ivan outwits his brothers and sells his black horses to the Tsar. The Tsar's advisor takes a disliking to Ivan, and wants to remove him from the Tsar's favour. He tells the Tsar to make Ivan catch a beautiful legendary maiden of the sea, so the Tsar summons him and tells him that the consequences will be dire if he doesn't bring her within three weeks. Ivan again manages to do this and many other things…

Selected in the following festivals :
- Sputnik nad Polska, Warsaw (Poland), 2011

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