Александра СТРЕЛЯНАЯ
Russia, 2006, 21mn 
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Directed by : Aleksandra STRELYANAYA (Александра СТРЕЛЯНАЯ)
Writing credits : Aleksandra STRELYANAYA (Александра СТРЕЛЯНАЯ)
Cinematography : Aleksandr_2 DEMYANENKO (Александр_2 ДЕМЬЯНЕНКО)
Music : Aleksandr LANEEV (Александр ЛАНЕЕВ)
Produced by : Vyacheslav TELNOV (Вячеслав ТЕЛЬНОВ)
format : 35 mm

Awards :
Special jury prize at festival “Saratov’s passions”, Saratov, Russia, 2007

Plot synopsis
The eve of wedding in the Russian village in Pskov area. Black and white pictures and old women’s stories from the one side and live traditions and ceremonies – from the other side have been mixed in this film. Outwardly this film devoted to Russian wedding but in fact it is about one moment and experience of waiting for happiness of a young girl. The author managed to create a raw of different images that are unique and traditional for Russian cinematography at the same time.

Selected in the following festivals or events :
- Aye Aye Film Festival Nancy-Lorraine, Nancy (France), 2010