Russia, 1998, 88mn 
Heznakomoe, ili krestonosets-2
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Незнадомое оружие, или крестоносец-2


 Arme inconnue

 Heznakomoe, ili krestonosets-2

Directed by : Ivan DYKHOVICHNY (Иван ДЫХОВИЧНЫЙ)
Writing credits : Ivan DYKHOVICHNY (Иван ДЫХОВИЧНЫЙ), Vladimir VALUTSKY (Владимир ВАЛУЦКИЙ)
Sergey BEZRUKOV (Сергей БЕЗРУКОВ) ...Captain Sukhoruk
Nikolay EREMENKO jr. (Николай ЕРЕМЕНКО мл.) ...Film Director
Aleksandr INSHAKOV (Александр ИНШАКОВ) ...Sasha
Vasili LANOVOY (Василий ЛАНОВОЙ) ...General
Viktor PAVLOV (Виктор ПАВЛОВ) ...Colonel
Valentina TELICHKINA (Валентина ТЕЛИЧКИНА)
Cinematography : Maksim OSADCHY (Максим ОСАДЧИЙ)
Production : Fonds de développement du cinéma à effets spéciaux, Association des cascadeurs(Фонд развития трюкового кино, Ассоциация каскадеров )

Plot synopsis
Stuntman Sasha (Alexander Inshakov is a stuntman by his main cinematic profession), whom the viewer remembers from the first episode, gets to shoot a rather strange film, but quickly leaves the site due to a squabble with director Nikolai Nikolaevich (Nikolai Eremenko, Jr.). Since there was a major fight "on the agrarian question: who will go to the ground first," he was sent to prison. However, loyal fans in police uniforms release the star of the film "The Crusader" in peace and, having changed the measure of restraint, are brought back to the set in the company of police sergeant Sukhoruk, assigned to him on a secret mission. In order to justify Sasha's return to such a "warm" company, Sergeant Sukhoruk (Sergei Bezrukov) disguises himself as a girl ... Under the guise of filming a costume adventure film, a group of large police officers "privatizes" state money, which Sasha quickly realizes