Aleksandr GUTMAN
Александр ГУТМАН
Aleksandr GOUTMAN
Russia / Finland / Poland, 2009, 63mn 
Colour, documentary
17 August
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17 Августа


 17 Août

 17 avgusta

Directed by : Aleksandr GUTMAN (Александр ГУТМАН)
Writing credits : Aleksandr GUTMAN (Александр ГУТМАН)
Cinematography : Maksim EFROS (Максим ЭФРОС), Nikolay_4 VOLKOV (Николай_4 ВОЛКОВ)
Music : Vladimir_2 TARASOV (Владимир_2 ТАРАСОВ)
Sound : Leonid LERNER (Леонид ЛЕРНЕР)
Production : Atelier-Film-Alexander, Kolomenskaya 28 apt 9,191119 St Petersburg (Russia)
Yleisradio, Radiokatu 5, 00024 Yleisradio, Helsinki (Finland)
Eureka media, Smulikowskiego 13/10, 00-384 Warszawa (Poland)
format : Beta

Plot synopsis
The first prison in Russia for people sentenced to life terms. A single cell. "Prisoner Boris Bezotechestvo. Life sentence. Article 102. Triple murder." He is talking to God who is indifferent to his destiny. He prays, but he does NOT TRUST. His words fill up the air of the cell. He talks and listens to himself. The space of the cell swallows him up. His world consists of four walls and the view from the window. The prison physically throws the prisoner into the TIME. A long chain of days and nights given to him, after which comes "hell" or "heaven". (

Selected in the following festivals :
- Seville European Film Festival : SEFF, Seville (Spain), 2011
- International festival of independent cinema : BAFICI, Buenos Aires (Argentina), 2010
- Trieste Film Festival, Trieste (Italy), 2010
- Message to Man : International Short, Documentary and Animated Film Festival, St Petersburg (Russia), 2010
- International Leipzig Festival for documentary and animated film, Leipzig (Germany), 2009
- International Human Rights Film Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2009
- International Art Documentary Film Festival "Artdocfest", Moscow (Russia), 2009
- International Documentary Film Festival "Flahertiana", Perm (Russia), 2009
- Window to Europe Film Festival, Vyborg, Vyborg (Russia), 2009
- Film Festival Locarno, Locarno (Switzerland), 2009