Russia, 2006, 17mn 
Colour, documentary
Nikita and Nikita
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Никита и Никита


 Nikita et Nikita

 Nikita i Nikita

Directed by : Mariya TIULYAYEVA (Мария ТЮЛЯЕВА)

Plot synopsis
The eight-year-old Nikita suffers from cerebral palsy. Simple things, such as walking and speaking, pose huge problems. In order to overcome his illness, he does jumps into the water. The trainer relates to Nikita in the same way as to all the others, without making any concessions to his physical inability. And the boy manages: he jumps from 3, 5 and 7 metres. There is one last target: the 10-metre tower. But the gift prepared for the winner, a railway, goes to another boy, who is also called Nikita and who takes the first jump in his life.