Russia, 1910, 350m 
Black and white, silent, fiction
Life and Death of A. Pushkin
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Жизнь и смерть А.С.Пушкина


 Vie et mort d'Alexandre Pouchkine

 Zhizn i smert A.S. Pushkina

Directed by : Vasili GONCHAROV (Василий ГОНЧАРОВ)
Writing credits : Vasili GONCHAROV (Василий ГОНЧАРОВ), Inna MAKAROVA (Инна МАКАРОВА)
Vladimir KRIVTSOV (Владимир КРИВЦОВ)
Vladimir MARKOV (Владимир МАРКОВ)
Cinematography : Alphonse VINCLAIR (Альфонс ВИНКЛЕР)
Production : Gaumont, Atelier Ossipov
Release date in Russia : 25/08/1910

Plot synopsis
The film tells in a few scenes the life of the famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. He begins with the poet's studies at the High School, where he passes his exams brilliantly, then continues with the scenes which describe the success of his literary works. Pushkin reads his works in the presence of his fellow writers, such as Gogol, Zhukovsky, Karamzin, Griboedov etc. Then he has an audience with the Emperor. Pushkin and his wife receive many guests. During a party, Pushkin sees that he has a rival in the heart of his wife - Dantes. Their duel ends badly, Pushkin is mortally wounded. He died after receiving a letter from the Emperor who promised to look after his family.

Selected in the following festivals or events :
- Année croisée France-Russia, Different cities (France), 2010
- Russia-France : année croisée, Moscow (Russia), 2009
- Europalia Russia 2005, Brussels (Belgium), 2005
- Images Russie 1908-1930 au musée d'Orsay, Paris (France), 2005