USSR, 1967, 103mn 
Black and white, fiction
Three Days of Viktor Chernyshov
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Три дня Виктора Чернышева


 Trois jours de Victor Tchernychov

 Tri dnya Viktora Tchernysheva

Directed by : Mark OSEPIAN (Марк ОСЕПЬЯН)
Writing credits : Yevgeni GRIGORYEV (Евгений ГРИГОРЬЕВ)
Aleksey CHERNOV (Алексей ЧЕРНОВ) ...L'oncle Pavel
Gennadi KOROLKOV (Геннадий КОРОЛЬКОВ) ... Viktor Tchernychev
Gennadi SAIFULIN (Геннадий САЙФУЛИН) ...Kolia
Vasili SHUKSHIN (Василий ШУКШИН) ... Vassili Kravtchenko
Valentina VLADIMIROVA (Валентина ВЛАДИМИРОВА) ...La mère de Viktor
Cinematography : Mikhail YAKOVICH (Михаил ЯКОВИЧ)
Production design : Boris DULENKOV (Борис ДУЛЕНКОВ)
Music : Aleksey RYBNIKOV (Алексей РЫБНИКОВ)
Sound : Aleksandr GOLYZHENOV (Александр ГОЛЫЖЕНКОВ)
Production : Gorky Film Studio
Release date in Russia : 03/06/1968

Plot synopsis
This glamorized depiction of Soviet youth traces three days in the life of young factory worker. Victor works in a Moscow factory. Not driven to ambition, he spends most of his free time hanging around with other young people on the streets. Constantly warned by his concerned mother to make something of his life, she becomes even more worried when he gets in trouble with the law. Although it does contain worker slogans and themes, there is not much to classify this feature as a propaganda film. This marks the directorial debut for Mark Ossepijan. ~ Dan Pavlides, All Movie Guide

Selected in the following festivals or events :
- Festival of Archive Films, Belye Stolby (Russia), 2019
- Moscow, St-Petersburg : two faces of Russia, Paris (France), 2010
- Retrospective Russian cinema at the "Reflet Médicis", Paris (France), 2009
- Sputnik nad Polska, Warsaw (Poland), 2009
- Gels et dégels, une autre histoire du cinéma soviétique (1926-1968), Paris (France), 2002

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