USSR, 1957, 98mn 
Colour, fiction
At Great Cost / The Horse That Cried
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Дорогой ценой


 Le Cheval qui pleure

 Dorogoy tsenoy

Directed by : Mark DONSKOY (Марк ДОНСКОЙ)
Writing credits : Irina DONSKAYA (Ирина ДОНСКАЯ)
Yuri DEDOVICH (Юрий ДЕДОВИЧ) ...Ostap
Vera DONSKAYA (Вера ДОНСКАЯ) ...Solomia
Olga_2 PETROVA (Ольга_2 ПЕТРОВА) ...Marioutsa
Stepan SHKURAT (Степан ШКУРАТ)
Pavel SHPRINGFELD (Павел ШПРИНГФЕЛЬД) ...Guitsa, le vieux tsigane
Mariya SKVORTSOVA (Мария СКВОРЦОВА) ...La vieille Tzigane
Ivan TVERDLOKHLEB (Иван ТВЕРДОХЛЕБ) ...Katigorochek
Cinematography : Nikolay TOPCHY (Николай ТОПЧИЙ)
Production design : Nikolay REZNIK (Николай РЕЗНИК)
Music : Lev SCHWARTZ (Лев ШВАРЦ)
Sound : Leonid VACHI (Леонид ВАЧИ)
Production : Studio Dovzhenko
Release date in Russia : 31/01/1958

Plot synopsis
This engaging Soviet drama about a doomed love affair works in its gentle approach to the romance between Solomyi (Vera Donskoy) and her boyfriend, but is less effective in its political message about staying within one's own national borders. The time is the 1930s and Solomyi has been forced into a marriage of convenience for her family, but not for her. So she and her boyfriend run away with several other peasants to Bessarabia. That is their first mistake. The second is to take shelter within a band of "thieving" gypsies who are being hunted by the police. Sure enough, the police close in and the couple is caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Eleanor Mannikka,

Selected in the following festivals :
- Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF), Moscow (Russia), 2009
- Russian films in the cinema Arlequin, Paris (France), 2007

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