Russia, 2021, 60mn 
Robber Monastery
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Край земли, или жили двенадцать разбойников


 Le Bout du monde, ou bien vivaient douze bandits

 Kray zemli, ili zhili dvenadtsat razboynikov

Directed by : Svetlana STASENKO (Светлана СТАСЕНКО)
Writing credits : Svetlana STASENKO (Светлана СТАСЕНКО)
Cinematography : Artiom IGNATOV (Артем ИГНАТОВ), Irina URALSKAYA (Ирина УРАЛЬСКАЯ)
Music : Arnold GISKIN (Арнольд ГИСКИН)
Produced by : Lisa ANTONOVA (Лиза АНТОНОВА)

Plot synopsis
Hieromonk Gerontius was born in prison, grew up in an orphanage, and from there he ended up in a "Miners". Therefore, he knows the prison firsthand. During his lifetime, Gerontius built three monasteries and ten temples. His team is made up of former prisoners, homeless people he seeks to bring to God. And many of these people stay in "their" monasteries for life. But he himself did not become "one of us" in ecclesiastical circles.

Selected in the following festivals or events :
- Novaya Gazeta Festival, On line (Russia), 2024
- Baikal Festival : People and Environment, Irkutsk (Russia), 2022
- Stalker in Ekaterinburg, Yekaterinburg (Russia), 2022