Russia / USA, 2022, 85mn 
Afghanistan. Edges of War
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Афган. Грани войны


 Afghanistan. Les limites de la guerre

 Afgan. Grani voyny

Directed by : Egor KLIMOVICH (Егор КЛИМОВИЧ)
Music : Nikolay ROSTOV (Николай РОСТОВ)
Produced by : Egor KLIMOVICH (Егор КЛИМОВИЧ)
Production : General Dubynin Foundation

Plot synopsis
10 years of continuous combat operations in Afghanistan around half a million of soviet military men went through this war. More than 14,000 soldiers and officers gave their lives fulfilling the international duty. More than 50 thousand were woun­ded. the wound inflicted by this war on an entire generation has not healed even 30 years later. There have been many attempts to tell the story of this war. but it is quite another thing to see it through the eyes of commanders. There were seven of them in those ten years. the legendary commanders of the 40th army, a magnificent seven who accomplished the impossible.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF), Moscow (Russia), 2022