Russia / Kazakhstan, 2021, 30mn 
Above The City
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Над городом


 Au-dessus de la ville

 Nad gorodom

Directed by : Malika MUKHAMEJAN (Малика МУХАМЕДЖАН)
Writing credits : Malika MUKHAMEJAN (Малика МУХАМЕДЖАН)
Produced by : Malika MUKHAMEJAN (Малика МУХАМЕДЖАН)
Other persons :
Cast: Aiym KASHKENOVA, Alexandra DEVAEVA

Plot synopsis
Aidana is a shy high schooler who grew up in a traditional Kazakh family. She switched schools amidst an undisclosed scandal. In her new school, Aidana meets the charismatic Jenya. Both girls stand at the polar opposite of one another; the impetuous, fiery Jenya counters the timidity of Adriana. One day, the two girls decide to skip school and leave the city for the mountains. In the prime of her young age, on the hills above the town, Aidana experiences a wide array of feelings she never experienced before; love, rebellion, jealousy, desire, and heartbreak.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Cairo International Film Festival, Cairo (Egypt), 2021