Russia / Lebanon / Romania, 2022, full length film 
I'm not Lakit
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Я не Лакит


 Je ne suis pas un Lakit

 Ya ne Lakit

Directed by : Marya_2 IVANOVA SURAE (Мария_2 ИВАНОВА СУРАЕ)
Writing credits : Marya_2 IVANOVA SURAE (Мария_2 ИВАНОВА СУРАЕ)
Cinematography : Marius PANDURU (Мариус ПАНДУРУ)
Produced by : Marya_2 IVANOVA SURAE (Мария_2 ИВАНОВА СУРАЕ)
Production : Scoop Production; Né à Beyrouth Films; Avanpost Media
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Plot synopsis
A Lakit is a human without nationality, home, parents or even surname. He has no right to study, work, travel. But above all, he is a human being and therefore he has a future.

Commentaries and bibliography
Maria Ivanova Surae returned home after filming the documentary part of the film I am not a Lakit which addresses the subject of orphans in Lebanon (Lakit meaning bastard, Editor’s note) and carried out a location in orphanages. She will come back again in July-August to direct the second part, which is fictional. “Fiction films are easier to make,” she says, “because documentaries aren’t predictable. They reserve a surprise every day. In documentaries, everything is not on paper but in the heart. While I am not a Lakit will be released next year, The Anger is making its way internationally and at festivals.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Transilvania International Film Festival : TIFF, Cluj Napoca (Romania), 2021