Vladimir DOVGAN
Владимир ДОВГАНЬ
Vladimir DOVGAN
USSR, 1960, 79mn 
Terrible Nights
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Грозные ночи


 Nuits terribles

 Groznye nochi

Directed by : Vladimir DOVGAN (Владимир ДОВГАНЬ)
Spectators : 25,8 million spectators in the USSR
Release date in Russia : 25/01/1961
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Plot synopsis
1942. Bruised, bloodied, but undefeated, Sebastopol is subjected to continuous bombardment and artillery fire. It was then, on Hitler's personal order, that a gigantic experimental weapon was delivered to the Bakhtchisarai region. An experienced scout Kojoukhar is tasked with contacting a group of young underground workers from Alupka through partisans and, with their help, finding the location of an artillery installation. The classified weapon is closely guarded. The Patriots decide to take an extraordinary courageous step: at night, they descend a steep cliff towards Bakhchisarai. Disguised in German uniforms, the scouts manage to leave the city and transmit important information to the Soviet command. Partisan Balashov was killed in this operation. Having received intelligence data, an aircraft destroyed the lethal weapon.