USSR, 1961, 83mn 
Girl's Years
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Годы девичьи


 Années de jeune fille

 Gody Devichi

Directed by : Leonid ESTRIN (Леонид ЭСТРИН)
Production : Studio Dovzhenko
Release date in Russia : 22/12/1961
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Note :
29 millions de spectateurs en URSS

Plot synopsis
Modest daughter Nastya (Natalya Kustinskaya), who recently went to one of the largest silk factories in Ukraine, fell in love with foreman and motorcyclist Gnat Kolyada. Leaving the beautiful Gann, Gnat offers to marry Nastya - and soon the brigade celebrates the wedding. After the birth of a son, the young family begins to experience the first difficulties: it is difficult for Nastya to cope with her studies, work and household, and Gnat finds comfort in Hanna. But the brigade is on Nastya's side. And so, when Gnat leaves the family to settle his own feelings, the funny Antoska moves into their apartment ...