Russia, 2018, 52mn 
From God to Paper. The life of an Asian Elephant
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От бога до бумаги. Из жизни азиатского слона


 De Dieu au papier. De la vie d'un éléphant d'Asie

 Ot boga do bumagi. Iz zhizni aziatskogo slona

Directed by : Olga VERSHININA (Ольга ВЕРШИНИНА )

Plot synopsis
The elephant is one of the oldest animals on earth. Elephants are the same age as humanity. From time immemorial, in Asia, elephants are given truly divine honors. They occupy the most important place in Eastern religions, be it Hinduism or Buddhism.
The armies of antiquity, which had war elephants in their ranks, were rightfully considered invincible. For Buddhists, the elephant is a sacred symbol of spiritual knowledge, patience, restraint and self-control. Elephants are participants in all religious holidays in Asia. But often worship and veneration have nothing to do with reality. Elephants are used for hard work, they are forced out of their traditional habitats, shot and poisoned. Elephants are defenseless against the onslaught of civilization

Selected in the following festivals :
- Baikal Festival : People and Environment, Irkutsk (Russia), 2020

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