Russia, 2019, full length film 
fiction, TV serial
The Kids
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 Les Mômes


Directed by : Vazgen KAGRAMANYAN (Вазген КАГРАМАНЯН )
Writing credits : Anna KRECHMAN (Анна КРЕЙЧМАН), Maksim ROMANTSOV (Максим РОМАНЦОВ)
Katerina SHPITSA (Катерина ШПИЦА) ...Lina
Valeria REPINA (Валерия РЕПИНА ) ...Kira
Mikhail KHIMICHEV (Михаил ХИМИЧЕВ ) ...Igor
Cinematography : Mikhail KUZMIN (Михаил КУЗЬМИН)
Production design : Antonina LANTSOVA (Антонина ЛАНЦОВА)
Produced by : Anna KRECHMAN (Анна КРЕЙЧМАН), Yelena LAPINA (Елена ЛАПИНА)
Production : Кинокомпания «Темпо-Ритм» / Société "Tempo-Rythme"

Plot synopsis
Everything is going perfectly for Lina: she has a fashionable blog on adolescent psychology, she covers the newspapers and is very successful. For Kira everything is normal: school bores her but it will pass, and in the meantime we can live on the Internet and earn money by stealing people's computer data.
The norm turns into chaos when they come across a serial killer who acts only on the Internet. Kira and Lina will have to work together to find the person who kills teens.

Selected in the following festivals :
- PILOT. Russian TV Series Festival, Ivanovo (Russia), 2019

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