USSR, 1943, 76mn 
Black and white, fiction
The Actress
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Directed by : Leonid TRAUBERG (Леонид ТРАУБЕРГ)
Writing credits : Nikolay ERDMAN (Николай ЭРДМАН), Mikhail VOLPIN (Михаил ВОЛЬПИН)
Galina SERGEYEVA (Галина СЕРГЕЕВА) ...Zoya Strelnikova
Boris BABOCHKIN (Борис БАБОЧКИН) ...Pyotr Markov
Zinaida MORSKAIA (Зинайда МОРСКАЯ) ...Agafya Lukinichna
Vladimir GRIBKOV (Владимир ГРИБКОВ)
Mikhail ZHAROV (Михаил ЖАРОВ)
Cinematography : Andrey MOSKVIN (Андрей МОСКВИН)
Production design : Yevgeni ENEJ (Евгений ЕНЕЙ)
Music : Oskar SANDLER (Оскар САНДЛЕР)
Production : Lenfilm
Restauration : 1972
Release date in Russia : 22/04/1951

Plot synopsis
A famous operetta actress Zoya Strelnikova, evacuated with her theatre to a remote Siberian town, believes that the profession of an actress is out of place in the severe war days and begins working as a nurse at a hospital. Her meetings with wounded soldiers, who enjoy listening to Strelnikova’s record, which they keep with the greatest possible care, make her realize the real place of the actress in the hard war times. She returns to the theatre and participates in concerts arranged for soldiers at the front.

Selected in the following festivals or events :
- Saint Petersburg International Cine-Forum, St Petersburg (Russia), 2010