Russia, 2019, 90mn 
The Watchman
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 Le Gardien


Directed by : Yuri BYKOV (Юрий БЫКОВ)
Writing credits : Yuri BYKOV (Юрий БЫКОВ)
Yuri BYKOV (Юрий БЫКОВ) ...Vlad
Vladislav ABASHIN (Владислав АБАШИН ) ...Stas
Alla YUGANOVA (Алла ЮГАНОВА) ...Vera
Cinematography : Vladimir_2 USHAKOV (Владимир_2 УШАКОВ)
Production design : Eduard GIZATULLIN (Эдуард ГИЗАТУЛЛИН)
Editing : Anna KRUTYI (Анна КРУТИЙ)
Produced by : Aleksandr KOTELEVSKY (Александр КОТЕЛЕВСКИЙ), Andrei_2 NOVIKOV (Андрей_2 НОВИКОВ)
Production : Инвада фильм / Invada film
Film revenue in Russia : 0.1109 million dollars

Plot synopsis
The main hero of the film, Vlad, a man in his forties, lives and works in an old convalescent home which will be demolished. He obviously needs this job to live as a hermit. A night arrives in the house a couple, Vera and Stas. They are on the run. They are pursued by former friends and partners of Stas. Vlad decides to help the spouses because he himself is fleeing from his past. Each of them is threatened with inevitable punishment for having chosen the wrong path one day, but, by helping each other, they will try to redeem the fault committed in the past.

Commentaries and bibliography
Iurii Bykov: The Watchman (Storozh, 2019), Otto BOELE, Kinokultura, 2020

Selected in the following festivals :
- Open Russian Film Festival Kinotavr, Sochi (Russia), 2019