Mikhail IDOV
Михаил ИДОВ
Mikhaïl IDOV
Russia / Latvia / Czech Republic, 2018, 100mn 
The Humorist
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Directed by : Mikhail IDOV (Михаил ИДОВ)
Writing credits : Mikhail IDOV (Михаил ИДОВ), Lili IDOVA (Лили ИДОВА)
Pavel ILIN (Павел ИЛЬИН)
Cinematography : Aleksandr SURKALA (Александр СУРКАЛА)
Produced by : Sergey KORNIKHIN (Сергей КОРНИХИН), Andrey SAVELYEV (Андрей САВЕЛЬЕВ), Artiom VASILYEV (Артем ВАСИЛЬЕВ)
Production : 1. Hype Film 2. Метрафильмс / Metrafilms
Film revenue in Russia : 0.3394 million dollars
Release date in Russia : 28/02/2019
Site : IMDb

Awards :
Best actor Aleksey AGRANOVICH , Annual award of the Guild of Historians of Cinema and Film Critics, Moscow (Russia), 2019

Plot synopsis
This fictional biographical drama shows a week in the life of a prominent Soviet stand-up comedian, Boris Arkadiev. Boris chose the conformist path that allows him to perform in public, but it also destroys him from the inside. This directing debut by Mikhail Idov, who is behind the screenplay for Summer, a film about iconic Soviet bands, once again addresses the issue of preserving one's inner freedom and integrity under a totalitarian regime.

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Selected in the following festivals :
- French Jewish Film Festival, Different cities (France), 2021
- Nantes Russian Film Festival, Nantes (France), 2020
- Palm Springs International Film Festival, Palm Springs (USA), 2020
- Prague International Film Festival : Febiofest, Prague (Czech Republic), 2019
- Honfleur Russian Film Festival, Honfleur (France), 2019
- Transilvania International Film Festival : TIFF, Cluj Napoca (Romania), 2019
- Annual award of the Guild of Historians of Cinema and Film Critics, Moscow (Russia), 2019
- International Film Festival Tarkovski, Ivanovo (Russia), 2019
- Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF), Moscow (Russia), 2019
- Russian Film Week in London, London (United Kingdom), 2019
- Toronto International Film Festival, Toronto (Canada), 2018

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