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The Musical Comedy Films of Grigorii Aleksandrov: Laughing Matters

Author : Rimgaila SALYS


Edition : Intellect Books, 2009
ISBN 1841502820, 9781841502823
ISBN 1841502820, 9781841502823

Langue : English

Site / Google :

Period : 1933 - 1948

Grigorii Aleksandrov’s musical comedy films, created with composer Isaak Dunaevskii, were the most popular Russian cinema of the 1930s and ’40s. Drawing on studio documents, press materials, and interviews with surviving film crew members, The Musical Comedy Films of Grigorii Aleksandrov presents the untold production history of the films. Salys explores how Aleksandrov’s cinema preserved the paradigms of the American musical, including its comedic tradition, using both to inscribe the foundation myths of the Stalin era in the national consciousness. As the first major study to situate these films in the cultural context of the era, this book will be essential to courses on Russian cinema and Soviet culture.

Personnes associées : Grigori ALEXANDROV,

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