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Aleksandr GURYANOV
Александр ГУРЬЯНОВ
2016, 45 mn 

Andrei Sakharov. Quarter of the Century

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Андрей Сахаров. Четверть века


 Andreï Sakharov. Un quart de siècle

 Andrey Sakharov. Chetvert veka

Directed by : Aleksandr GURYANOV (Александр ГУРЬЯНОВ)

Plot synopsis
The year 1989 stood out in the minds of Soviet citizens as a year when their spirits were rising with special expectations. Everybody followed the events at the Congress of the People’s Deputies. At the time, thousands wrote letters to People’s Deputy of the Soviet Congress – academic Andrey Sakharov. But what do these people think about the epoch of the 1990s today? How do they evaluate the last 25 years? Choosing the heroes for the documentary, the filmmakers were trying to interview people of different occupations and interests, different ages and viewpoints. The result was rather unexpected in many ways.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Russian Documentary Film Festival in New York (Tribeca), New York (USA), 2017

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