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France / Russia, 2016, 65 mn 

The Sea Grass Pickers

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Собиратели морской травы


 Les Ramasseurs d'herbes marines

 Sobirateli morskoj travy

Directed by : Mariya MURASHOVA (Мария МУРАШОВА)
Writing credits : Mariya MURASHOVA (Мария МУРАШОВА)
Cinematography : Marina LEVASHOVA (Марина ЛЕВАШОВА)
Editing : Mariya MURASHOVA (Мария МУРАШОВА)
Produced by : Vlad KETKOVICH (Влад КЕТКОВИЧ )
Other persons :
Продюсер: Анн-Катрин Витт / Producteur: Anne-Catherine Witt
Production : Фонд этногеографических исследований, компания Macalube Films / Macalube Films, Fondation de recherche ethno-géographique de Moscou

Plot synopsis
Among the Russian Solovki Islands, off the White Sea, Rebolda was only inhabited for a few months by seasonal workers who harvest seaweed for a pittance. Here people live in autarky without electricity or means of communication. So they contact their families by cell phone when the network allows, they smoke and sometimes talk to each other. This intimate and contemplative film is a gem thanks to the director's very sensitive look at these workers who live in the middle of nowhere.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Honfleur Russian Film Festival, Honfleur (France), 2017
- Festival international Jean Rouch, Paris (France), 2017
- Festival international de films. Pêcheurs du monde, Lorient (France), 2017
- Sputnik nad Polska, Warsaw (Poland), 2017

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