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Russia / Ukraina, 2015, 73 mn 

Museum "Revolution"

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Музей «Революция»


 Le Musée "Révolution"

 Muzej "Revoliutsia"

Directed by : Natalya BABINTSEVA (Наталия БАБИНЦЕВА)
Writing credits : Natalya BABINTSEVA (Наталия БАБИНЦЕВА)
Produced by : Denis BRANITSKY (Денис БРАНИЦКИЙ), Anatoli GOLUBOVSKY (Анатолий ГОЛУБОВСКИЙ)

Plot synopsis
Independence Square in Kiev, Ukraine, has attained mythical status as the epicentre of the uprising, not unlike Tahrir Square in Egypt. In this film, the mass protests do not take centre stage, however. Instead, it focuses on the energy and innovation that was generated amongst artists during the Maidan revolt. On the creativity and creation that was born through the Ukraine uprising, and also harnessed and used in its service. Rebelling takes a certain kind of person, but the film also shows how easy it is for the political elite to steer the spirit of rebellion towards nationalism and militarism. For a short while, artistic freedom was allowed free reign, without limitations.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Göteborg International Film Festival, Göteborg (Sweden), 2016
- FilmFestival Cottbus - Festival of East European Cinema, Cottbus (Germany), 2015

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