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Yevgeniya DULO
Евгения ДЮЛО
Evguenia DULO
Russia, 2012, 17 mn 
Colour, documentary

Cinema and Elections

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Кино и выборы


 Cinéma et élections

 Kino i vybory

Directed by : Yevgeniya DULO (Евгения ДЮЛО)
Writing credits : Yevgeniya DULO (Евгения ДЮЛО)
Cinematography : Yevgeniya DULO (Евгения ДЮЛО)

Plot synopsis
«I’ll never forget that March day. The district you live nearby all your life, people whom you see every day on streets and go together by the metro in the morning or stand in a queue in a shop. Among them there are school teachers, they teach children from your or neighboring house. And one day you’ll find yourself at the different sides of the barricades. A completely new situation for me, the person who always searches for a compromise, when you are not any longer simply rivals in peaceful debate in the Internet-diary but real enemies who are sure in their force and ready to resist using policemen, cries… The film «Cinema and Elections» tells about what happened to me, an ordinary IT teacher, who decided to see what means to be a member of a territorial election commission on 4 March 2012 at the presidential elections of Russia. What is this film about? About our country in the XXI century, about freedom and motivation of people who found themselves at the bottom levels of not unsuccessfully building line».

Selected in the following festivals :
- International Human Rights Film Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2012

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