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Yevgeniya SHAMOVA
Евгения ШАМОВА
Evguenia CHAMOVA
Russia, 2011, 13 mn 
Colour, documentary


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Directed by : Yevgeniya SHAMOVA (Евгения ШАМОВА)
Other persons :
Camera: Phylipp Grigoriev
Music: Evgeny Petrol
Production : St Petersburg State University for Cinema and Television

Awards :
Best First Documentary International Human Rights Film Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2012

Plot synopsis
Vlad hears well. Natasha is the hard-of-hearing girl. What do they have in common? Love. But even it can’t smooth borders of difference between their worlds. Their mutual friend decides to run an experiment. She offered children to change their worlds for a few days. The main objective of the experiment is to understand each other looking at life of another person by his own eyes. Will be able children to cope with offered circumstances? Can the experiment influence on their relations?

Selected in the following festivals :
- International Human Rights Film Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2012

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