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Russia, 2011, 7 mn 
Colour, animation

Masha and the Bear. Laundry Day

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Маша и Медведь. Большая стирка


 Macha et l'ours. La grande lessive

 Masha i Medved. Bolshaya stirka

Directed by : Oleg UZHINOV (Олег УЖИНОВ)
Writing credits : Oleg KUZOVKOV (Олег КУЗОВКОВ)
Cinematography : Oleg KUZOVKOV (Олег КУЗОВКОВ)
Music : Vasili BOGATYRYOV (Василий БОГАТЫРЕВ)
Editing : Oleg UZHINOV (Олег УЖИНОВ)
Production : ANIMACCORD

Plot synopsis
What an obnoxious child Masha is! How can the bear even stand her! Now Masha, as usual, finds ways to get her pretty dress dirty and the bear has to do loads of laundry and tailor new outfits for her. But, fortunately, he soon runs out of outfits and Masha is taken home. Maybe now the bear can finally enjoy peace and quiet. But for how long?

Selected in the following festivals :
- Sputnik nad Polska, Warsaw (Poland), 2017
- Zlin International Film Festival for Children and Youth, Zlin (Czech Republic), 2012
- Festival Russian kino 'Moscow Premier Screenings', Moscow (Russia), 2012
- Russian Film Festival, London (United Kingdom), 2012

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