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Russia, 2008, 53 mn 
Colour, documentary

The Bug Trainer

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Дрессировщик жуков


 Le Dresseur de scarabées

 Dressirovshchik zhukov

Directed by : Rasa MISHKENITE (Раса МИШКЕНИТЕ)
Produced by : Rasa MISHKENITE (Раса МИШКЕНИТЕ)
Other persons :
Directors : Linas AUGUTIS, Donatas ULVYDAS
Script : Donatas ULVYDAS, Linas AUGUTIS, Jonas RANYS
Actor : Gediminas GIRDVAINIS
Experts : The Quay Brothers, Gunnar STRØM, Marcin GIZYCK, Marina KARASEVA, Nikolai IZVOLOV, Skirmantas VALIULIS
Production : Era Film

Plot synopsis
The Bug Trainer was created by several directors, although it remains essentially Rasa Miškinytė’s film, born of a personal passion to celebrate the pioneering puppet animator Wladyslaw Starewicz (1882-1965), and to bring his work “back to the film world and the audience.”[1] This engaging documentary was conceived, researched, directed and produced by the Lithuanian Miškinytė. She is keen to emphasize Starewicz’s links to her country, which are strengthened in the film by the Russian film expert Nikolai Izvolov’s assertion that Starewicz probably made his first films in Lithuania, in which case Lithuania could be considered to be “the birthplace of puppet animation.”
Source : Milena Michalski,

Commentaries and bibliography
Rasa Miškinytė : The Bug Trainer (2008), Yelena MISHAILOVA, Review,, 2009

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