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Russia, 2011, 45 mn 
Colour, black and white, documentary

Khrushchev Vs. Rokotov. Chronicle Of One Execution

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Хрущев против Рокотова. Хроника одной казни


 Khrouchtchov contre Rokotov. Chronique d'une exécution

 Khrushchjv protiv Rokotova. Khronika odnoy kazni

Directed by : Maksim FAYTELBERG (Максим ФАЙТЕЛЬБЕРГ)
Writing credits : Irina CHERNOVA (Ирина ЧЕРНОВА)
Cinematography : Vadim ZEYFOV (Вадим ЗЕЙФОВ)
Produced by : Irina CHERNOVA (Ирина ЧЕРНОВА)
Production : “TV Company MIRA-Production”

Plot synopsis
In June 1961, the highest-profile case since the Stalin times was heard in the Moscow city court. There were nine persons on the dock. Neither the rapists, nor the spies, or the murderers. They simply wanted to be rich and independent in a destitute totalitarian country; and paid for this with their lives. The case of the first Soviet foreign currency speculators, executed at Khrushchev’s personal instruction, went down in history of criminal law as the example of lawlessness and pressure on the court by the head of the state. However, as it turned out, we know practically nothing neither about the reasons behind Khrushchev’s anger, nor about the executed, or about the horrible consequences of this lawless action. Many things that are presented in this movie saw the light for the first time.

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