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Vladimir LYSKOV
Владимир ЛЫСКОВ
Vladimir LYSKOV
Russia, 2010, 25 mn 
Colour, documentary

In Love With Life

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Влюбленный в жизнь


 Amoureux de la vie

 Vlyublonnyy v zhizn

Directed by : Vladimir LYSKOV (Владимир ЛЫСКОВ), Vasili YUMSHANOV (Василий ЮМШАНОВ)
Writing credits : Vasili YUMSHANOV (Василий ЮМШАНОВ)
Cinematography : Anatoli LAPUKHIN (Анатолий ЛАПУХИН), Vladislav USLOV (Владислав УСЛОВ)
Produced by : Vasili YUMSHANOV (Василий ЮМШАНОВ)
Production : State TV and Radio Company (GTRK) “Vyatka”

Plot synopsis
Having lost hands, the former graphic-designer and guitar player Igor Borisov reached rock bottom. However, what helped him was his belief in God and his self-belief; and certainly friends, family and his daughter Polina. He is engaged in physical training and sports. Nobody can deprive him, an invalid, the right to the open human handshake. He starts painting and his paintings are in demand. His first exhibition is called “In Love with Life”. Everything is going well. He is planning to purchase a vehicle and obtain a driving license.

Selected in the following festivals :
- International Human Rights Film Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2011

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