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Konstantin GOLENCHIK
Константин ГОЛЕНЧИК
Russia, 2010, 25 mn 
Colour, documentary

We Are Not Vegetables

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Мы не овощи


 Nous ne sommes pas des légumes

 My ne ovoshchi

Directed by : Konstantin GOLENCHIK (Константин ГОЛЕНЧИК)
Other persons :
Scriptwriter : Elizaveta LISTOVA
Camera : Vladimir FOMIN, Stanislav SKRIPKIN, Andrei GRIVTSOV
Producers : Sergei ERZHENKOV, Polina SELYAVINA
Production : TV Company “NTV”

Plot synopsis
It is frustrating when they look on us as “cattle” and think that we will bear everything. Why did the “masters of life” nickname us “vegetables”? What are people ready for when they cannot bear humiliation anymore? The film is about those who stopped being afraid and turned into human beings.

Selected in the following festivals :
- International Human Rights Film Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2011

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