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Viktoria IZOTOVA
Виктория ИЗОТОВА
Viktoria IZOTOVA
Russia, 2010, 39 mn 
Colour, black and white, documentary

Elena Yunger. Theory of Appeal

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Елена Юнгер. Теория притягательности


 Elena Younger. Théorie de l'attraction

 Elena Yunger. Teoriya prityagatelnosti

Directed by : Viktoria IZOTOVA (Виктория ИЗОТОВА), Olga VYSOTSKAYA (Ольга ВЫСОЦКАЯ)
Writing credits : Irina MIKHAYLOVA (Ирина МИХАЙЛОВА)
Cinematography : Igor POPOV (Игорь ПОПОВ), Yevgeni SMIRNOV (Евгений СМИРНОВ)
Production : Kultura Studio of St. Petersburg State Broadcasting Company
Format : DVCAM

Plot synopsis
This film is about Elena Yunger, who was the leading actress of the legendary Akimov Theatre of Comedy of St. Petersburg. For the whole St. Petersburg theatre world she was a symbolic and cult figure. She was not a much-filmed actress, and the majority of TV viewers remember her mostly as a capricious sister called Anna from N. Kosheverova’s film «Cinderella». She was also a translator and writer, with some of her memoirs about her experience at the theatre, trip to America and acquaintance with Charlie Chaplin published. Commemorating 100th anniversary of Elena Yunger, the authors of this film were trying to show what reminiscence of her remained in the memory of people close to her, and what that wonderful woman was like.

Selected in the following festivals :
- International Film Festival Tarkovski, Ivanovo (Russia), 2011

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