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Сюзанна ООРЖАК
Suzanne OORJAK
Russia, 2011, 65 mn 

Leaving Hong Kong

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Покидая благоухающую гавань


 Départ de Hong Kong

 Pokidaya blagoukhayushchuyu gavan

Directed by : Suzanne OORZHAK (Сюзанна ООРЖАК)
Stepanida BORISOVA (Степанида БОРИСОВА)

Plot synopsis
In the space metropolis lives lost girl Orlandina, which is programmed to self-destruct. But gene memory returns to the circle of Samsara birth a miracle – the Yakut Choron … This film is about the present, about the very real – the human soul. You live, breathe, walk, and the soul subconsciously, unconsciously returns you to your roots and evokes the memory gene.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Monaco Charity Film Festival, Monaco (Principality of Monaco), 2011
- International Festival of Independent Film "Deboshirfilm - Pure Dreams", St Petersburg (Russia), 2011

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