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Russia, 2010, 44 mn 
Colour, documentary

Under a Foreign Sky. Pyotr Leshchenko

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Под небом чужим. Петр Лещенко


 Sous un ciel étranger. Piotr Lechtchenko

 Pod nebom chuzhim. Pyotr Leshchenko

Directed by : Irina MISHINA (Ирина МИШИНА)
Production : TV Channel “Who is Who”

Plot synopsis
During the First World War an Ukrainian warrant officer Petr Leshchenko was wounded. While he was in hospital in Bessarabia that territory became part of Romania. Thus he became an emigrant. against his will. He began singing at Romanian restaurants in order to earn for life. He achived success there and became well known in the world. All his life he strived for returning to his motherland. to the Soviet Union, but the brand of an “emigrant” and traitor was strongly assigned to him. He wrote letters to Stalin and Molotov asking the permission to return. And when he finally received a positive reply he suddenly was arrested by the police of Romania. He spent in the concentration camp long 4 years. The great singer died under unknown circumstances and was buried in a common grave.

Selected in the following festivals :
- International Human Rights Film Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2010

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