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Safarbek SOLIEV
Сафарбек СОЛИЕВ
Safarbek SOLIEV
USSR (Tajikistan), 1988, 20 mn 
Colour, documentary


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Directed by : Safarbek SOLIEV (Сафарбек СОЛИЕВ)
Cinematography : Kamol ISMAYLOV (Камол ИСМАЙЛОВ)
Production : Tadjikfilm

Plot synopsis
The universe was created with four elements: Fire, Earth, Water and Air. The four of them are seen as sacred by the Tajik people.
Achaglon is about the traditional ritual performed by the Tajik during times of drought. The film is based on four verses of a song and on the stories told by the inhabitants of various regions in Tajikistan. A ritual lost a long time ago comes back to life under our eyes….
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