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Vladimir BASOV
Владимир БАСОВ
Vladimir BASSOV
USSR, 1955, 98 mn 
Colour, fiction

Collapse of the Emirate

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Крушение эмирата


 Chute de l'Emirat

 Krushenie emirata

Directed by : Vladimir BASOV (Владимир БАСОВ)
Production : Mosfilm, Tachkent Studio

Plot synopsis
The year of 1920. Central Asia. Undergrounders, people that rose against Bukhara Emirate, White Guard officers, V. Kuibyshev and M. Frunze, struggle and love, and in the end - the retreat of Bukhara Guards headed by Emir having failed to resist the attack of revolutionary detachments. The Red Banner is over Bukhara. The Soviet Power is established.
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