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Junya SATO
Дзюнья САТО
Djounia SATO
Russia / Japan, 1992, 124 mn 
Colour, fiction

Dreams of Rossia

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Сны о России


 Rêves de Russie

 Sny o Rosii

Directed by : Junya SATO (Дзюнья САТО)
Writing credits : Junya SATO (Дзюнья САТО)
Production : Lenfilm, ”Daiei Co., Ltd “, “Dentsu Inc.” (Japan)

Plot synopsis
Loosely based on the novel by Yasusi Inoue. This amazing trip started on December 13, 1782 when captain Deikokuya Kodayu with sixteen sailors went on sailing along the coast of Japan. Having suffered a shipwreck near the Siberian coast the captain and his crew find themselves in the horrible reality of the 18th century Russia and go through a number of extraordinary adventures, full of sufferings, love, despair and wonders. Nobody expected that a several day trip will turn into nine years of wanderings, big losses and misfortunes.
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