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Aleksandr GALIN
Александр ГАЛИН
Aleksandr GALINE
Russia / Italy, 1993, 97 mn 

Casanova’s Cape / Casanova's Coat

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Плащ Казановы


 L'Imperméable de Casanova

 Plashch Kazanovy

Directed by : Aleksandr GALIN (Александр ГАЛИН)
Cinematography : Mikhail AGRANOVICH (Михаил АГРАНОВИЧ)
Production : Mosfilm, Ark-Film, Casanova

Plot synopsis
Not very young, but intellectual and clever woman speaking three languages goes to Italy with a tourist group. She goes sightseeing over Venice all alone and meets a man for whom, as she thinks, she has been looking for a long time. He takes her for a rich vagarious American, gets her to restaurants, gondola, rents a high-class room in hotel for a love night and in the morning deliver a bill to her. The man of her life turned out to be a hotel gigolo.
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