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Aleksandr MITTA
Александр МИТТА
Aleksandr MITTA
USSR, 1976, 101 mn 
Colour, fiction

Tale of How Tsar Peter Married off His Negro / How Tsar Peter Found a Bride for his Blackamoor

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Сказ про то, как царь Петр арапа женил


 Comment le tsar Pierre Le Grand a marié un Noir

 Skaz pro to, kak tsar Piotr arapa zhenil

Directed by : Aleksandr MITTA (Александр МИТТА)
Writing credits : Aleksandr MITTA (Александр МИТТА)
Stanislav CHEKAN (Станислав ЧЕКАН) ...Maréchal
Mikhail GLUZSKY (Михаил ГЛУЗСКИЙ) ...Le bouffon Balakirev
Vladimir KASHPUR (Владимир КАШПУР) ...Iolka, constructeur de bateaux
Mikhail KOKSHENOV (Михаил КОКШЕНОВ) ...Sergunka Ptichtchev
Irina MAZURKEVICH (Ирина МАЗУРКЕВИЧ ) ...Natacha Ptichtcheva
Vladimir MENSHOV (Владимир МЕНЬШОВ) ...Officier
Yevgeni MITTA (Евгений МИТТА) ...Vanioucha Ptichtchev
Semyon MOROZOV (Семён МОРОЗОВ) ...Mikhaïlo Govorov
Aleksey PETRENKO (Алексей ПЕТРЕНКО) ...Pierre le Grand
Ivan RYZHOV (Иван РЫЖОВ) ...Ptichtchev
Oleg TABAKOV (Олег ТАБАКОВ) ...Yagoujinski
Vladimir VYSOTSKY (Владимир ВЫСОЦКИЙ) ...Ibraghim
Valery ZOLOTUKHIN (Валерий ЗОЛОТУХИН) ...Filka
Production : Mosfilm

Plot synopsis
Little black boy Ibragim was given to the tsar Peter the Great as a present. Peter brought him up with care and sent him to study in France. Then a young man refuses to obey the tsar’s will - to marry rich boyar’s daughter Natasha without her consent. In anger the tsar deprives Ibragim of his favor. But Natasha’s love becames a reward for the young man’s honor and courage.
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Commentaries and bibliography
Tale of How Tsar Peter Married off His Negro [Сказ про то, как Царь Петр арапа женил], rusfilm.pitt, 2006

Selected in the following festivals :
- Festival de cinéma dans le cadre des journées européennes du livre russe, Paris (France), 2015
- Festival of Russian cinema in Nice, Nice (France), 2013

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