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USSR, 1958, 52 mn 
Colour, fiction

Road to the Stars / Russian Rocket to the Moon

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Дорога к звездам


 La Route vers les étoiles

 Doroga k zvezdam

Directed by : Pavel KLUSHANTSEV (Павел КЛУШАНЦЕВ)
Writing credits : Boris LYAPUNOV (Борис ЛЯПУНОВ), Vasili SOLOVYEV (Василий СОЛОВЬЕВ)
Grigori SOLOVYOV (Григорий СОЛОВЬЕВ)
Cinematography : Mikhail GALPER (Михаил ГАЛЬПЕР)
Production : Lennauchfilm

Plot synopsis
The film explains and realistically portras the coming age of space exploration with technical advise from Tikhonravov.
The final section of the film portrays the launching of the first Soviet man into space, the first space station, and the first landing on the moon.

Commentaries and bibliography
Road to the Stars was one of the most amazing special effects accomplishments in film history. Pavel Klushantsev began working on the colour film in Leningrad in 1954. <…>With technical advise from Tikhonravov (who was secretly developing the Soviet Union's first manned spacecraft at the time), Klushantsev showed tremendous ingenuity in explaining and portraying man's conquest of space. The film was nearing completion when Sputnik 1 was launched. Klushantsev hurriedly filmed a sequence illustrating this feat, and the film was released internationally a month later.
<…> Klushantsev created marvellous special effects, using techniques copied by Stanley Kubrick ten years later for 2001: A Space Odyssey. Indeed, some sequences in 2001 seems a shot-for-shot duplication of Road to the Stars…..
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Selected in the following festivals :
- Sputnik nad Polska, Warsaw (Poland), 2011

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