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Yevgeni BAUER
Евгений БАУЭР
Evgueni BAUER
Russia, 1915, 1034 m 
Black and white, silent, fiction


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 Les Rêves


Russian subtitle : Обманутые Мечты
Directed by : Yevgeni BAUER (Евгений БАУЭР)
Writing credits : M. BASOV (М. БАСОВ), Valentin TURKIN (Валентин ТУРКИН)
Cinematography : Boris ZAVELYOV (Борис ЗАВЕЛЕВ)
Production : A. Khanjonkov & Co. Ltd
Release date in Russia : 10/10/1915
Format : 35 mm

Plot synopsis
Sergeï Nedelin finds it far from easy to get over the death of his wife, Elena. He transforms the house into an altar to her memory, complete with her plait preserved in a glass canister. One day in the street he sees her double. After following the unknown woman, he loses trace of her in a theater, to later see her springing up from a tombstone on the stage. Fascinated by her resemblance to Elena he asks to meet her, and once he has invited her to his home, he asks her to try on the dead woman's clothes and jewellery.
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Selected in the following festivals :
- Europalia Russia 2005, Brussels (Belgium), 2005
- La Rochelle International Film Festival, La Rochelle (France), 1995

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