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Russia, 2019, 80 mn 

Na volne

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На волне


 Sur la vague

 Na volne

Directed by : Inna BLOKHINA (Инна БЛОХИНА)
Produced by : Inna BLOKHINA (Инна БЛОХИНА)
Site : Kinopoisk

Plot synopsis
The film is about the beauty of the ocean and surfing, revealing both its sporty and philosophical sides. Two stories are intertwined in the film: the story of Masha, a Russian girl who dreams of catching her first wave, and the 11-time surfing world champion Kelly Slater. Masha, already knowing everything about surfing in theory, comes to Bali to learn how to surf, but she faces her main problem - the fear of deep water. The second character in the film is Kelly Slater. He tells his story of a surfing career and how he manages to win his first titles and for 11 years hold the lead in one of the most difficult sports. For the first time in his life, he finds himself in an unusual situation for him, when he will be forced to confirm his title again due to a failure in the system and an error in scoring. These two do not meet in the film, but the Ocean occupies an important place in their life.

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