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Russia, 2015, 92 mn 
Colour, fiction

The Fortress: By Shield and Sword

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Крепость: щитом и мечом


 La Forteresse : bouclier et épée

 Krepost: shchitom i mechom

Directed by : Fyodor DMITRIEV (Федор ДМИТРИЕВ)
Release date in Russia : 29/10/2015
Site : Page IMDb

Plot synopsis
1609 years. There is a war. Polish-Lithuanian troops besieged Smolensk, but the Russian garrison, led by Governor Mikhail Shein, is ready to hold the defenses to the end. Smolensk is the main fortress on the way of the invaders to Moscow, and it cannot be made without a fight. Even children know it.

The little Sashka sculpts homemade bombs out of the dough and prepares the defense of the city - calls the tsar with the shield of fire and the flaming spear to help him. Until the arrival of the magic king, Sashka and his friend Fedor asked the governor's help. They must destroy the insidious plans of the Polish king Sigismund III and face the evil spirits that roam the besieged fortress at night.

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