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Russia (Yakutia), 2015, 60 mn 

God Johogoi

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Бог Дьёсёгёй


 God Johogoï

 Bog Dyosegey

Directed by : Sergey POTAPOV (Сергей ПОТАПОВ)
Writing credits : Sergey POTAPOV (Сергей ПОТАПОВ), Zhanna SKRYABINA (DOARI) (Жанна СКРЯБИНА (ДОАРИ))
Cinematography : Semyon AMANATOV (Семён АМАНАТОВ), Iskander IVANOV (Искандер ИВАНОВ), Zhanna SKRYABINA (DOARI) (Жанна СКРЯБИНА (ДОАРИ))
Music : Moisey KOBYAKOV (Моисей КОБЯКОВ )
Sound : Innokenti SIVTSEV (Иннокентий СИВЦЕВ)
Editing : Sergey POTAPOV (Сергей ПОТАПОВ)
Produced by : Zhanna SKRYABINA (DOARI) (Жанна СКРЯБИНА (ДОАРИ))

Plot synopsis
Johogoi, a young horse herder from a rural area in Sakha, walks towards the city to attend the main summer festival, the Ysyakh. As he has never been to this large celebration before, he is bursting with excitement, eager to participate in all the rituals and engage in conversation with elders and fellow herders. Johogoi set off on this journey believing he was summoned there by the horse deity to find the beautiful woman who appeared in his dreams. His smile is contagious and brings a cheerful mood to the festivities, contrasting with some visitors who simply do not understand his pure intentions. However, neither the crowds nor the frivolous festival bustle will distract him from his search. The documentary backdrop fuses effortlessly with the story’s spiritual symbolism, preparing a stage for the benevolent protagonist’s journey. The warm cinematography embraces Johogoi and his dreams, mirroring the long-awaited summer.

Commentaries and bibliography
Every year the Sakha people celebrate the festival of summer - Ysekh. This ethnic holiday celebrates the Aiyy deities and the revival of nature; it embraces ritual prayers, plenty of rich food and koumiss, dancing, folk games, and horse races. Jehegey Aiyy is a serene deity worshiped by people. Jehegey gave horses to humans, and now is the heavenly patron of horse raising. In the majority of recorded songs and legends Jehegey is a male creature, but in some of them it has feminine gender and is called sylgy aiyhyta. According to legends it sometimes appears to people as a loudly neighing light-colored stallion.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Berlin International Film Festival : Berlinale, Berlin (Germany), 2017

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