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Elisabeth BOSTAN
Элизабет БОСТАН
Elisabeth BOSTAN
USSR / Romania / France, 1976, 83 mn 


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Directed by : Elisabeth BOSTAN (Элизабет БОСТАН)
Writing credits : Yuri ENTIN (Юрий ЭНТИН)
Lyudmila GURCHENKO (Людмила ГУРЧЕНКО) ...Masha
Mikhail BOYARSKY (Михаил БОЯРСКИЙ) ...Wolf
Savely KRAMAROV (Савелий КРАМАРОВ) ...Little wolf
Cinematography : Konstantin PETRICHENKO (Константин ПЕТРИЧЕНКО)
Production design : David VINITSKY (Давид ВИНИЦКИЙ)
Production : Mosfilm

Plot synopsis
Who doesn’t remember the good old fairy tale about how a caring goat mother, leaving her kids at home, warned them not to open the doors to anyone? But the cunning wolf manages to penetrate the house of the kids by cunning ... True, according to time and fashion, not in order to eat them, but to get a ransom. The simple plot of the tale, generously decorated with circus numbers, ice dancing and songs by both small and adult artists, turned into a bright dance and music extravaganza for children.

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