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Sergey SONIN
Сергей СОНИН
Sergueï SONIN
Russia, 2019, 19 mn 
Black and white, fiction

Russian Stereo

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Русское стерео


 Stéréo russe

 Rouskoye stéréo

Directed by : Sergey SONIN (Сергей СОНИН)

Plot synopsis
The main video plot is the moving of Artemis towards her brother Apollo, who is coming back from the Space after inspecting central Russia. According to the Old Slavic Universe division to Nav-Yav-Prav (Spirit world-Reality-Higher Law), Apollo arrives at the centre of the YAV-REALITY. Artemis in the bear character leaves her lair - her sanctuary and goes directly to the Meeting place. After landing somewhere in the South-Ural plains, Apollo in the character of the Five-paw wolf is going through the spring fields and birch farms in the direction of his sanctuary - Apollo's Colonnade in the Moscow region.

Selected in the following festivals :
- International debut film festival, Khanty Mansiysk (Russia), 2019

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