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Александр ТКАЧЕНКО
Russia, 2009, 39 mn 
Colour, documentary

Blind Love

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Слепая любовь


 Amour aveugle

 Slepaya lyubov

Directed by : Aleksandr TKACHENKO (Александр ТКАЧЕНКО)
Writing credits : Aleksandr TKACHENKO (Александр ТКАЧЕНКО)
Cinematography : Oleg TEODOROVICH (Олег ТЕОДОРОВИЧ)
Produced by : Valery SHEKHOVTSOV (Валерий ШЕХОВЦОВ)
Production : Producing Center “Treti Rim Studio”

Plot synopsis
Elena and Rais met in the metro. She exited the metro coach, he followed her. They got acquainted. It was love at first sight. Soon after this meeting their daughter Nastya was born. It was a premature labour. The doctors saved the daughter of Elena and Rais, however told them that she will never be able to see… This film has been shot for 8 years. It talks about the fate of the sightless girl Nastya Nasibulova and her family. The film cracks a door to the world of visionless people, which is closed for many of us. Only the parental love can destroy the wall that divides the worlds of the sightless and regular people. This love allows overcoming many difficulties that the sightless people face.

Selected in the following festivals :
- International Human Rights Film Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2011

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