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Arkadi KOGAN
Аркадий КОГАН
Arkadi KOGAN
Russia, 2007, 52 mn 
Colour, documentary

Yury Arabov. Mechanics of Fate

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Юрий Арабов. Механика судьбы


 Youri Arabov. Mécanique du destin

 Yuri Arabov. Mekhanika sudby

Other titles : Youri Arabov. Mecanique du destin
Directed by : Arkadi KOGAN (Аркадий КОГАН)
Writing credits : Arkadi KOGAN (Аркадий КОГАН)
Cinematography : Arkadi KOGAN (Аркадий КОГАН), Martynsh PUNANS (Мартыньш ПУНАНС)
Produced by : Natalya GUGUYEVA (Наталия ГУГУЕВА)
Production : «Vstrecha» studio
Format : Beta

Plot synopsis
«A person’s destiny can be not only explained, but foretold using the same laws that govern a movie script». That is the point of view of a prominent Russian scriptwriter, winner of the Cannes Film Festival Yury Arabov. Once Arabov himself was faced with a seemingly inexplicable event. He got a call from a person, who maintained that he was Yury’s father, who had abandoned his son 40 years ago and whom Arabov considered dead…

Selected in the following festivals :
- Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF), Moscow (Russia), 2007

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