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Russia, 2007, 39 mn 

Andrei Bitov — The writer of the semi-illiterate world

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Андрей Битов. Писатель в полуписьменном мире


 Andreï Bitov. Ecrivain du monde des semi-lettrés

 Andrey Bitov. Pisatel v polupismennom mire

Directed by : Sergey GOLOVETSKY (Сергей ГОЛОВЕЦКИЙ)
Production : Studio SVS (студия "СВС")
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Awards :
Prix du meilleur documentaire au Festival Littérature et cinéma de Gatchina, 2008

Plot synopsis
Documentary about the writer Andrey Bitov, accomplished for his sixty tenth birthday.

Commentaries and bibliography
Here’s what Sergey Goloveczkyi, the director, tells about this project.
- I was lucky to meet Bitov over a year ago at a film festival. I would be playing pool with him and his publisher Anna Berdichevskaia, and on one of those evenings the idea of making this documentary crossed my mind. After all there was an official cause. Bitov celebrated his 70th birthday this year. With glamorous Russian television these days where everything turns around dates and celebrations, you still cannot make a glamorous person out of Andrei Bitov, no matter how hard you try. By his work his life and his very nature, Bitov is the opposite of glamour. Even with all the aristocratic heritages in his blood, he’s simple and democratic with everyone he meets. …So the anniversary is nothing but the cause. This film for me is a form of the communication with this big writer and persona.
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Selected in the following festivals :
- Festival Russian kino 'Moscow Premier Screenings', Moscow (Russia), 2008

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