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10th Moscow International Festival of detective films and television programs on law-enforcement themes

Moscow (Russia) - 16 April 2008 - 21 April 2008 -

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A Man Without A Gun. Russia, Moscow After Life. Russia, Moscow
Alive Cadaver. Russia, Tyumen
Another Childhood. Russia, Kaliningrad
Author’s View. Kresty. Russia, Yekaterinburg
Barrels Marked By The Death. Russia, Moscow
Black Cat. Russia, Tyumen
Borodin. Return Of The General. Russia, Moscow
Bransk Tyrant. Russia, Moscow
Chechnya. Time Test. Russia, Grozny
Comeback. Russia, Nizhny Novgorod
Cops’ Battles 3. Russia, Moscow
Credit Swindlers. Russia, Voskresensk
Crown Of Thorns. Russia, Moscow
Degree Of Danger. Russia, Kurgan
Detectives. Between Devil And Deep Sea. Russia, Moscow
Detectives. Farmer. Russia, Moscow
Federal Judge. Two Flats. Russia, Moscow
Forged By The Same Chain. Russia, Voskresensk
Furious. Russia, Moscow
Girl. Russia, Moscow
Hospital. Russia, St. Petersburg
Is To Be Punished. Russia, Tyumen
Justice. Red Cock. Russia, Kostroma
MARKET does not exist. Russia, Moscow
Men’s Plays. Russia, Tyumen
Motor Licesing And Inspection Department. Infringement And Punishment. Russia, Moscow
Nadia. Russia, Kaliningrad
On The Watch Of The Law. Russia, Far East
Patrol On The Road. Russia, Kaliningrad
Platinum. Russia, Moscow
Resurrection. Russia, St. Petersburg
Robbery Of The Century. Altay Version. Russia, Barnaul
Shuisky Case. Russia, Ivanovo
Sled. The Last Case Of Mayskiy. Russia, Moscow
Soldiers. Russia, Moscow
Special Reportage. Russia, Tyumen Territory
Spyderweb. Russia, Moscow
Stalin, Hitler and Gurgiev. Russia
Territory Of Law And Order. Russia, Izhevsk
The Oncoming Traffic Lane. Russia, Kurgan
The Oncoming Traffic Lane. Russia, Moscow
The Policeman Is Convicted. Russia, Tyumen
The Rockclimber. Russia, Moscow
Troubles On The Streets. Russia, Perm
Viloriy Buslovskiy. Russia, Kaliningrad
We are to live together. Russia, Shcholkovo
Who Likes To Drink Well In Russia. Russia, Krasnodar Territory
Yarik. Russia, Moscow
Youth In The Jackboots. Russia, Perm
Zebra. Russia, Tyumen
Zone Of Danger. Russia, Chuvashia, Cheboksary
Zone. Painted Alphabet. Russia, Moscow