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11st Moscow International Festival of detective films and television programs on law-enforcement themes

Moscow (Russia) - 15 April 2009 - 20 April 2009

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1. Documentary TV-series and detective films

- "Alive in prison" (the programs "12 years later", "The confession of the band leader" ), Vakhtang Mikeladze. Russia, Moscow
- "Hot summer of 1968", Alexander Jukov. Russia, Moscow
- "Alexander Dedushko. At the red light", Antonina Surovtseva. Russia, Moscow
- "Talgat Nigmatullin. A tale of life and death", Igor Mihailus. Russia
- "The Case of Currency Lords", Natalia Mitroshina. Russia
- "After the Beast", Igor Mihailus. Russia
- "Twelfth blockpost", Larisa Vereschagina. Russia
- "The Mountains Will Never Let You Go", Svetlana Olkina. Russia
- "The Secrets of War in Afghanistan. Hunting the Lion", Oleg Vitvickii. Russia
- "Money First", Natalia Karabaeva. Russia
- "Elimination. The Mystery Of Underwater Diversions", Nikolai Korolyov. Russia
- "The robbers: an excellent job", Olga Kopytina. Russia
- "The Zhinvali Cross", Marianna Kochieva. Russia
- "The Northern Route", Mikhail Kuzovenkov. Russia
- "The Nothern Route" Volume 2. "The Sudaki", Mikhail Kuzovenkov. Russia
- "The Confession", Luiza Andieva. Russia
- "A heroin mother", Louise Andieva. Russia
- "Detective stories. Devil plan", Alexey Pimanov. Russia, Moscow
- "Detective stories. Un happy fat of kidalo", Alexey Pimanov. Russia, Moscow
- "The Death Of Admirals. The Mystery Of An Accident", Sergei Kraus. Russia
- "Golodomor Of 1993. The Undigested Lessons", Alexei Denisov. Russia
- "Prometheus. Fighting To Death", Alexander Jukov. Russia
- "A False Name. The Chronicles Of A Treachery", Olga Borshtsh. Russia
- "A lieutenant who has stopped a war", Andrei Kostin. Russia
- "The case of general kornilov. a treachery", Alexander Denisov. Russia
- "The a-group – my destiny", Edward Shtsherbakov, Russia
- "Keldysh’s formula. A mistake of the analyst", Andrei Grachev. Russian
- "Disarming explosives: when danger becomes the routine", Evgenia Dyurich. Russia
- "There is no smoke without a fire.", Nika Strizhak. Russia
- "Five deaths of simon petlyura", Igor Grigoryev. Russia
- "Heinrich Himmler: Devil’s apostle", Alexei Gorovatsky, Elena Syanova. Russia, Moscow
- "Martin Borman: Devil’s secretary", Alexei Gorovatsky. Russia, Moscow
- "Murmansk. Battle for Arctic", Alexander Sladkov. Russia
- "Raven: unsolved mystery", Valentin Lebedev. Russia, Moscow

2. Feature Detective TV-series

- "Deadly Likeness", Kirill Kapitsa. Russia
- "To the place where happiness dwells", Igor Kopylov. Russia
- "Zeta Squad, vol. 2", Viktor Tatarsky. Russia, St. Petersburg
- "The trace", Yuri Kharnas. Russia, Moscow
- "The crime will be solved", Stanislav Libin, Ivan Shegolev. Russia
- "The lawyer", Igor Chetverekov, Maria Pyazanova, Sergey Repechkiy. Russia
- "Thе return of Mukhtar-2", Vladimir Zlatoustovsky. Russia
- "Open up, it`s the police!", Dmitri Fix, Il’ya Maksimov. Russia
- "An autumn story", Sergei Bystritsky. Russia
- "The rescue", Yuri Minzyanov, Vlad Ryashin. Russia, Ukraine
- "Breaking news - 2", Maxim Kubrinsky, Mikhail Tsitrinyak. Russia
- "Sea patrol", E. Serov, V. Chiginsky, A. Junkovsky, M. Malich. Russia
- "The Detective Brothers", A. Treiman, E. Kondrashina, O. Karas. Russia
- "Attrakcion", V. Vorobiev. Russia, Moscow

3. Detective TV-series or a single episode with a plot counting as finished.

- "Anti-sniper", Vladislav Ryashin, Russia
- "Mole", Yury Kharn, Russia
- "Law & Order.Criminal Intent", Georgy Nikolaenko, Russia
- "Law & Order. Operative Investigations Unit", Dmitry Brusnikin, Russia
- "Federal Judge, Episode Hangman`s Cry", Helen Kharchevnikova
- "A Face From The Past", Valentin Opalev, Vladislav Ryashin. Russia
- "The Main Evidence", Valentin Opalev, Vladislav Ryashin. Russia
- "Special Department", Valery Dovbna. Russia
- "A mysterious prisoner", Olga Pavlova. Russia, Cheboksari


Comedy Detective films

- "Cold love", Oleg Burdikov. Russia />
- "A body as a piece of evidence", Dmitry Pechenkin. Russia/>
- "The technology", Vadim Dulenko. Russia />
- "Summer madness", Alexander Han. Russia />
- "Meet you tomorrow", Mikhail Ermolaev. Russia

Military Detective films

- "Nobody but us", Sergei Govoruhin. Russia


1. "Hero" (male/female performance)

- Alexander Volkov ("The return of Mukhtar-2". Russia)
- Helena Vasil’eva ("Deadly likeness". Russia)
- Vadim Karev ( "To the place where happiness dwells". Russia)
- Oleg Shtefanko ("Zeta squad, vol. 2". Russia)
- Yulia Men’shova ("The crime must be solved". Russia)
- Nastya Zadorozhnaya ("The crime must be solved". Russia)
- Igor Gordin ("The crime must be solved". Russia)
- Viktor Dobronravov ("The crime must be solved". Russia)
- Andrey Sokolov ("The lawyer". Russia)
- Tatiana Vherkasova ("The lawyer". Russia)
- Alexei Nanosov ("Detectives". Russia)
- Igor Lukin ("The Detectives". Russia)
- Mikael Dzhanibekyan ("Sea patrol". Russia)
- Daria Moroz ("The Detective Brothers". Russia)
- Anastasia Satirenko ("Meet you tomorrow". Russia)
- Sergey Shnirev ("Nobody but us". Russia)
- Ilya Shakurov ("Anti-sniper". Russia)

2. "Antihero" (male/female performance)

- Dmitry Nagiev ("Deadly likeness". Russia)
- Anna Snatkina ( "To the place where happiness dwells". Russia)
- Daria Ikonnikova ("Sled". Russia)
- Maria Kazankova ("Sea patrol". Russia)
- Andrey Urgant ("The Detective Brothers". Russia)
- Andrey Smolyakov ("Special department". Russia)
- Yulia Beretta ("Anti-sniper". Russia)


1. "Terrorism - threat to the world" – struggle against terrorism.

- "Press relations service of department of internal affairs reports…", Olga Aristova. Russia
- "Swat", Andrey Vinskovsky. Russia
- "Counterterror", Olga Semyonova. Russia
- "False Terroist", Galina Khamitskaya. Russia
- "The Territory Of The Law Order ", Elvira Markovina. Russian
- "The terror casino", Vladimir Sinelnikov, Vilen Vizilter. Russia, Moscow

2. "War and Peace" – military service and duty

- "The Job for the Real Men", Larisa Shkil. Russia
- "I Have The Honor", Irina Blagonravova. Russia
- "The Elite Of The Fighting Step", Dmitri Kozinov. Russian "The ordonansgaus of saint petersburg", Dmitri Kozinov. Russia
- "Militiaman-writer", "Aiding ossetia", "The militiaman, who sings", Olga Novaeva. Russia
- "Press relations service of department of internal affairs reports…", Olga Aristova. Russia
- "Soldier", Oksana Putyatko. Russia
- "Undercover-2", Sergey Karataev. Russia
- "Special forces rusts without the work", Ekaterina Malinovskaya. Russia
- "Stayed in the service", Galina Khamitskaya. Russia
- "90 days", Ekaterina Ivanova. Russia
- "The territory of the law order ", Elvira Markovina Russia
- "Life curves of colonel a. Nikonov", Valeriya Yasulyavichute. Russia
- "A visit to yaroslavl outpost", Pavel Shihanov. Russia
- "Flash point", Elena Gavrilina. Russia

3. "Crime and Punishment" (the struggle against crime and the role of the law enforcement bodies).

- "The evidence does not show everything", Svetlana Galaktionova. Russia
- "A Murder in Shumikha", "An Outsider Killed", "Car thieves", Yulia Svetlakova. Russia
- "Law And The City", Konstantin Rozin. Russia
- "The crime observer", Boris Popov. Russia
- "Nobody` s wood", Ilya Melehin. Russia
- "Rehabilitation by death", Ilya Melehin. Russia
- "Criminal block", Tatyana Podskrebalina. Russia
- "Gang", Larisa Anikina. Russia
- "Arctic falcons", Sergey Manaenkov. Russia
- "Child", Dmitry Pyukke. Russia
- "Caviar", Zalina Korbanova. Russia
- "Crabs", Dmitry Chernov. Russia
- "Shootting", Elena Zlotnik. Russia
- "Spot-checking the abandoned children","Murder of a taxi driver", Alexey Dovgalev. Russia
- "Where the deadheads hide", Alexander Ushenin. Russia
- "The roads of life", Anatoly Dobryakov, Elena Slesareva. Russia, Izgevsk
- "Artyom", "Dancing grandpa", "Love on call", Ekaterina Malinovskaya. Russia
- "Animal rights activists", Ekaterina Malinovskaya. Russia
- "Age mates", Anastasia Skiba. Russia
- "A murder in Dubrovka", Galina Hamitskaya. Perm
- "On the side of the law", Vasiliy Zui. Russia, Krasnodar
- "Call 02", Alexey Gorunov. Russia, Kaluga
- "The territory of the law order", Elvira Markovina. Russia, Izgevsk
- "Outside the law", Olga Pavlova. Russia, Cheboksari
- "Directorate for combating the organized crime: 20 years", Elena Gavrilina. Russia, Samara
- "People’s control", Elena Shaposhnikova, Yakov Kaller. Russia, Samara
- "Taming the rock", Ardalon Kibanov. Russia, Moscow
- "Everything for sale", Valery Tarakanov. Russia, Almaty
- "Forced by duty", Nikolai Bersenev. Russia, Moscow

4. "World without drugs!" - struggle against drug traffic

- "A drug dealing gang", Anastasiya Sudiyina. Russia, Kurgan
- "Torch hotels or dolce vita of vyatka", Vladimir Liskov. Russia
- "The summit", Bogdanchikov, Boldirev, Suraikin. Russia
- "Traffic", Vyacheslav Grunsky. Russia
- "Drug abuse prevention", Valentina Bokovikova. Russia, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski
- "Drug threat in adygea", Viktor Kruchkov. Russia, Maikop
- "Life without drugs", Boris Gorbunov. Russia, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski
- "The salt of the earth", Kseniya Dolgih. Russia, Tyumen
- "Mainliner brothers", Alexander Ushenin. Russia, Tyumen
- "Life without drugs", Ekaterina Malinovskaya. Russia, Kaliningrad
- "The crocodile", Olga Elina. Russia, Voskresensk
- "The territory of the law order", Elvira Markovina. Russia, Izgevsk

5. "Dirty Money" (the fight against corruption)

- "Kuedinsky syndrome", Melehin Ilya. Russia, Perm
- Rotten rails", Melehin Ilya. Russia, Perm
- "The corruption", Elena Zlotnik. Russia, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski
- Tymen: the corruption hit-parade", Alexey Dovgalev. Russia, Tyumen
- "The territory of the law order", Elvira Markovina. Russia, Izgevsk
- A series of reports "The Case of the Classmates", "A Mine from
- "Rubin", "A Dangerous Phone Call", Olga Pavlova. Russia, Cheboksari
- "Capital", Tatyana Kuzmina, Vsevolod Ivanov, Ekaterina Barishnikova

6. "Werewolves" (crimes among officials)

- The Investigation", Ekaterina Malinovskaya. Russia, Kaliningrad
- "Reading Petrercha", Nurlan Abdykadyrov. Kyrgyzstan

7. "Safety on the Roads" – films and TV-series on traffic security

- You don’t have to be a hitman…", Svetlana Galaktionova. Russia, Voskresensk
- "The wrong lane", Tatiana Goryacheva. Russia
- "Baby car seats", Zalina Korbanova. Russia, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski
- "Safe roads mean safe life", Vladimir Shevchenko. Russia, Moscow
- "A polite driver", Evgeny Shamanaev. Russia, Ufa v"Traffic accisents in Adygea: the facts and the causes", Viktor Kruchkov. Russia, Maikop
- "Complex zone", Alexey Barikin. Russia, Kazan
- "The primary road", Ilya Skryabin. Russia, Moscow
- "Sober roads", Alexander Ushenin. Russia, Tyumen
- "Zebra’s" birthday", Igor Emeliyanov. Russia, Tyumen
- "Death on the road", Ekaterina Malinovskaya, Kaliningrad
- "The road patrol: air force", Vladimir Antropov. Russia, Barnaul
- "It’s 708, over", E. Fedoruchkov, A. Lukichev, I. Smolnikova. Russia, Arkhangelsk
- "Ymal Time", Yulia Nesterova. Russia, Salekhard
- Series of public service advertising videos: "Buckle up", "Do not let a drunk person drive", "Watch out", "Slow down", "Be attentive to your kids", Erick Ifergan. Russia, Moscow
- "STSI brings order to the roads", Valeria Yasulyavichute. Russia, Voskresensk
- "Pedestrians’ security", Evgeniya Svetlaya. Russia, Voskresensk
- "The Territory Of The Law Order ", Elvira Markovina. Russia, Izgevsk
- "Danger zone", Olga Pavlova, olga Chekmeneva. Russia, Cheboksari
- "Road inspection", Olesya Volchenko. Russia, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski